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Mini Drone with 2 MP camera - Your Eyes in the skies

  • Rs. 3,899.00
  • Save Rs. 700

Now, watch all the action from the skies with this extremely cool quadcopter.You can take your video, photos or simply enjoy flying your own drone. It has a range of 100M and is fitted with a 2 MP HD camera. The remote control has an LCD to display the speed and enables you to take pictures from your drone. With an action time of 7-10 minutes on a full charge, this gadget ensures you capture all the action from the sky.

The box comes with the drone, battery, 2.4 Ghz Remote control, micro sd card, a battery charger, a micro sd card reader and 4 extra blades that enables you with eyes in the skies.

Delivery time: 25 working days.

Product Code: HB032P

Cash on delivery: Not Available. 

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