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IS Smartband: Monitor your health, sleep and fitness

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This smart bracelet with OLED screen clearly displays health parameters including steps, calories, distance and time. With TPU adjustable wristband and light weight feature, you can wear it comfortably, such as running, climbing. When you do exercise, it can record your sports data. When you sleep, it can monitor your sleep. It also can wake you up by vibrating gently. All these data can be synchronized and analyzed on your smartphone.

High Performance and advanced smart features are the best advantages as your indispensible personal fitness companion everyday. It's our pleasure to help you have a funny life and a health life!

Main Features
1. Display Health Parameters
2. Snyc Sports Data
3. Sleep Monitoring
4. Call / SMS Reminder
5. Remote Capture
6. Built-in USB Charging
7. Sedentary Reminder
8. Looking Phone
9. Silent Vibration Mode
10. Comfortable adjustable Wristband and Light Weight
11. Standard Time and Military Time, Imperial System and Metric System

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Product Code: BD061

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